Showtruck Hikvision Image 0

The Rainbow 19 + 20 + 21 are 3 identical, modern roadshow trucks, which are often booked for a roadshow at the same time, for the simultaneous campaign effect in several regions.

  •     Approx. 80 square meters of the highest quality presentation area
  •     Covered terrace
  •     Large entrance area with sensor-controlled sliding glass doors
  •     Separate kitchen / lounge area
  •     Efficient assembly and dismantling times


  •     Air conditioning and heating system
  •     Aluminum panel ceilings with integrated LED lights and Erco light rail system
  •     Entrance stairs can be variably attached to the stage floor
  •     Ramp for loading or for wheelchair users to use
  •     Fully equipped kitchen
  •     Parking support system with 4 hydraulic supports individually controllable via cable remote control
  •     Electro-hydraulic control for parking supports for independent alignment of the vehicle in a horizontal position
  •     Entrance stairs on the stage floor variably attachable ramp for loading or for wheelchair users
  •     On-board power unit with 20kW, low-noise and external power connection 32 amps