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A roadshow promotion tour with a promotion truck is the ideal opportunity to present your company and your products or services. Events for medium-sized companies are just as useful as events for large corporations. Any scope of these special shows can be planned. Whether in Germany, Europe or worldwide, at trade fairs, festivals or public places. The possibilities are endless and we support you around the clock.

Roadshow Definition

A roadshow as the main marketing strategy for your brand opens up all kinds of new possibilities and opens up completely new dimensions for your company. What can a roadshow really do? It is so customisable that you can do just about anything with a promotional vehicle:

  • Drive directly to customers and impress them with your appearance
  • Set up at markets or events in city centres and attract a lot of attention
  • Drive to your annual trade fair with the same promotion mobile and save yourself the extra cost of building the stand and then disposing of it straight afterwards! We all need to think about our green footprint.

Individual promotion

Special trucks make it possible to convey a customised and special advertising message. Large show stages inspire the crowds, glass pavilions offer the perfect opportunity to present vehicles, if desired at a dizzying height where they cannot be overlooked.

There are no limits to creativity when planning a roadshow. Even the most elaborate interior fittings can be realised for special requirements.

Eye-catching and large-scale branding in your corporate design stands out from the crowd of everyday road traffic.

Roadshows defined –
What exactly is a roadshow?

A roadshow is a special type of mobile advertising. Advertisers use customised vehicles and trucks to implement eye-catching marketing campaigns.

Companies advertise their products or services at several locations as part of a campaign.

This type of product advertising is a special event for companies' target groups. Everything is possible, from small regional roadshows to extensive worldwide tours.

Where does the term roadshow come from?

The definition of "roadshow" has its origins in English and is literally translated as "street theatre".

Today, they are an efficient means of presenting products and services at several locations and offering customers a special experience.

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Who is a roadshow suitable for?

Whether you are a listed company, start-up, small business or corporation, roadshows can be realised in any size and design.

Special product presentations succeed with individual vehicle solutions and small advertising campaigns can be realised with flexible mobiles.


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Away from the daily internet shoppers & towards the captivating live events that stay in your memory much longer!"

What is the effectiveness of roadshow marketing?

The digital age provides potential customers with fast access to services and products. Alongside countless online marketing solutions, analogue is once again in great demand.

The roadshow event brings brands to life! Experiencing a first-class event with all your senses are moments that create a high level of customer loyalty.

A roadshow offers information, advice, direct feedback from the customer and the decisive advantage that the advertiser comes to the customer.

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Where conventional advertising measures reach their limits, this measure comes into play and offers a completely new experience. A major advantage over traditional measures. In times of online retailing, face-to-face meetings have a special quality and anchor the impressions gained directly with your customers in the long term.

The appeal of a roadshow can be seen in successful examples such as the Coca-Cola Christmas tour. Enthusiasm for the red giants has been unbroken for over 25 years. Every year, thousands flock to city centres to see the lavishly decorated show trucks.

Create points of contact directly on site!
Personal contact with the target group is established directly on site and the offer is presented on the spot. Your customers and potential customers can familiarise themselves with the products and services on site in a special, pleasant atmosphere. Your customers don't have to travel long distances because you drive to them. The advantage of saving time and money for your prospective customers is another plus point. The focus is on your offer, your presentation and advice on services or products. Your target groups will appreciate this kind of responsiveness.


Customised road shows

Special trucks make it possible to convey a customised and special advertising message. Large show stages thrill the crowds, while glass pavilions offer the perfect opportunity to present vehicles, if desired at dizzying heights where they cannot be overlooked.

Eye-catching and large-scale branding in your corporate design stands out from the crowd of everyday road traffic.

The right vehicle

We have a comprehensive fleet of promotional vehicles for you. From small trailers to large semi-trailers with opulent equipment, tours of almost any size are possible. From small trade fair appearances with an exhibition stand to major events with impressive show trucks.

You are sure to make a lasting impression with such a vehicle.

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High-tech and customisation

Each vehicle is customised according to your requirements. From the practical presentation area to the show stage with state-of-the-art technology in light, sound and image. As a real eye-catcher and crowd-puller, such a vehicle offers the emotional appearance that inspires customers and partners. The perfect realisation of the vehicle is your path to success. The branding and customised equipment are optimally adapted to the circumstances and identity of the company.

Unlimited creativity! - There are no limits when it comes to planning a roadshow. We can realise even the most unusual interior fittings.“

Marketing around the world – Live-Marketing

One of the major differences to conventional marketing campaigns is the special form of emotionality. Live marketing makes it possible to create special moments that will be remembered for a long time.

Direct contact with the target group provides additional support for sales promotion measures and offers end customer feedback without detours.

Regional roadshows

In particular, companies that stand for regionality with their product range will find the right promotional campaign with a roadshow at regional level. There are no limits to the size of such a marketing measure.

A small advertising tour with a branded promotional trailer is just as possible and effective as a sales tour with a large show truck and large-scale branding.

National & international Events

Of course, a roadshow can also be realised at national and international level.

Continental and worldwide roadshow tours can be scheduled over several months. There are no limits to the scope and duration. In addition, as part of our comprehensive range of services, we can take on all the necessary tasks from tour planning including site inspections, customs formalities, toll roads etc. to monitoring success.

Planning & realisation

We are a marketing partner

We support your company with roadshow marketing measures.

For over 30 years, we have been offering optimised solutions for all aspects of mobile promotion. With our experience and our full service, we give you the security you need for these extraordinary tours.

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Social media for roadshows

Blog articles, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok - roadshows offer inexhaustible potential for marketing in social media.

The right location

The choice of locations to be visited is an essential part of roadshow planning. New target groups, new markets or customer loyalty on site?

Maximum service - around the clock

Several event locations are visited during the tours. Customers and interested parties have an experience that they will associate with the company in the future.

Professional planning

A tour requires accurate planning for advertising and promotion. The company comes to the customer. In the B2B sector, partners and customers are addressed directly, in the B2C sector, the public.

Success analysis

In order to measure the profitability of a roadshow for your business, you need to comprehensively analyse the target and actual metrics. The event analysis before, during and after the roadshow is an elementary part of roadshow planning.

Strong partners

We have been working successfully with competent partners for many years and are happy to put you in touch with contacts if required.

Roadshow Marketing – On the Road

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