Roadshow Marketing from Rainbow

A show tour with promotion trucks is the ideal opportunity to present companies and products. You get in close contact with customers, partners and dealers.

Events for medium-sized companies are just as useful as events for large corporations. These special shows can be planned to almost any extent.

Whether in Germany, Europe or worldwide, at trade fairs, festivals or public places. The possibilities are many.

Roadshow Definition
The Effectiveness of Roadshow Marketing
Tailor-made road shows
Marketing around the world
Planning and implementation
Strong partners


Roadshow Definition

What is a Roadshow?

A roadshow is a special type of mobile advertising. Advertisers implement eye-catching marketing campaigns with individual vehicles and trucks. Companies advertise their products at several locations as part of a campaign. This type of product advertising represents a special event for the target groups of companies and can be implemented in almost any size. From small regional road shows to extensive worldwide tours, everything is possible.

Where does the term roadshow come from?

The definition "roadshow" has its origins in English and is literally translated as "street theater".

Today we no longer refer to roadshows as street theater. Rather, they are an efficient means of presenting products and services at multiple locations and offering customers a special experience.

Who is a roadshow suitable for?

Whether a stock exchange company, a start-up, or a small business owner, road shows can be carried out in any size and design. Special product presentations succeed with individual vehicle solutions and small advertising campaigns can be realized with flexible mobiles.

The Effectiveness of Roadshow Marketing

The big advantage

The digital age brings potential customers to services and products quickly. Shopping on the Internet has long become a standard process and advertisers are asked to find new impulses. In addition to countless online marketing solutions, the analogue is once again arousing desire. The roadshow event allows brands to be experienced up close! To experience a first class event with all your senses, these are moments that create a high level of customer loyalty.

The roadshow offers information, advice, direct feedback and a decisive advantage:
The advertiser comes to the customer!

Where common advertising measures reach their limits, this measure takes effect and offers a completely new experience. A big advantage over traditional measures. What is special is that the "analog" meeting has a special quality in times of online trading and anchors the impressions gained over the long term.

The attraction of roadshow events

The attraction of a roadshow can be seen in successful examples such as the Coca-Cola Christmas tour. The enthusiasm for the red giants has been unbroken for over 20 years. Every year thousands flock to the city centers to see the lavishly decorated show trucks.
Companies also use this efficient advertising medium in the financial markets. Before going public, advertisers offer potential investors the opportunity to contact them at central financial centers.

Check out all the information about the Coca-Cola Trucks and their annual roadshow!

Create contact points directly on site

Personal contact with the target group is established on site and the offer is presented on site. Your customers and interested parties can get to know the products and services on site in a special, pleasant atmosphere. You don't have to go far for this. The advantage of saving time and money for your customers and prospects is another plus point. The focus is on your offer, your presentation and advice on the services or products. Your target groups will appreciate this kind of accommodation.

Tailor-made road shows

Individual Promotion

Special trucks enable the individual and special delivery of an advertising message. Large show stages inspire the masses, glass pavilions offer the perfect opportunity to present vehicles, if desired, clearly visible at dizzying heights. There are no limits to creativity when planning a roadshow. Even the most complex interior fittings can be implemented for special requirements. Eye-catching and large-scale brandings in corporate design stand out from the crowd of everyday road traffic.

The right vehicle

Rainbow Promotion has an extensive fleet of promotional vehicles ready for such a project. From small trailers to large semi-trailers with opulent equipment, tours are possible in almost every dimension. From a small trade fair appearance with an exhibition stand to large events with impressive show trucks. You can be sure of a lasting impression with such a vehicle.

High-Tech and individual expansion

Each vehicle is individually equipped according to the requirements. From the practical presentation area to the show stage with the latest technology in light, sound and image. As a real eye-catcher and crowd puller, such a vehicle offers the emotional appearance that inspires customers and partners. The perfect implementation of the vehicle is the alpha and omega and an anchor of success. The branding and the individual equipment are optimally adapted to the circumstances and the identity of the company. We implement the concepts from virtualization to implementation down to the smallest detail according to requirements. We offer our customers a perfectly coordinated vehicle for their promotion.

Are you interested in exciting and individual promotional vehicles? View the Rainbow vehicle pool now!



Marketing around the world

Live Marketing

One of the big differences to conventional marketing campaigns is the special form of emotionality. Live marketing enables the creation of special moments that will be remembered for a long time. The direct contact with the target group additionally supports the sales promotion measures and offers end customer feedback without detours.

Regional Roadshows

For some advertisers, promoting in the local area is the right choice. In particular, companies that stand for regionality with their offerings will find the right promotion campaign with a roadshow at regional level. The implementation of such a marketing measure is unlimited in its size. A small advertising tour with a branded promotion trailer is just as possible as a sales tour with a large show truck and extensive branding.

National and international events

Of course, a roadshow can also be carried out at the federal level and across borders. Continental and global roadshow tours can be scheduled over several months. There are no limits to the scope and duration. The longer use of show vehicles is particularly useful if extensive renovations, customization and planning have been carried out in advance.

Planning and implementation

Accompanying marketing

It is not enough to drive up to the destination in the spectacular truck. In advance, accompanying advertising measures should make the appearance of your show truck a well-attended event. Depending on the area for which a show is planned, it should be advertised in advance or accompanying by invitations or other public advertising campaigns. This also applies to trade fair appearances as well as public and internal events.

If you wish, we will take over the accompanying marketing measures and provide the right staff for your project. In addition, we can take on all the necessary tasks as part of our extensive range of services, from tour planning including site visits, customs formalities, toll roads, etc. to monitoring success. For over 30 years we have been offering optimal solutions for everything to do with mobile promotion. With our experience and our full service, we give you the security you need for these extraordinary tours.


Social Media for Roadshows

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn ... Roadshows offer almost inexhaustible potential for marketing on social media. In 2019 the technological possibilities are manifold. Live broadcasts of the event, stories, feeds, surveys ... and that in real time are no longer a hurdle today. An accompanying social media campaign is a suitable means of increasing reach and strengthening brand awareness.


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The right location

The choice of the locations to be approached is an essential part of the roadshow planning. Would you like to win new target groups, open up new markets or strengthen customer loyalty in your catchment area? With the choice of locations you determine your strategic direction. Many other aspects influence the choice of the city. The professional advice and planning includes the consideration of all necessary things.


Maximum service - around the clock

In the course of the tours several venues will be approached. Customers and interested parties are given an exciting experience that they will associate with the company in the future. We are available for every event with our 24-hour service, provide support vehicles, equipment and telephone support.

Professional planning

Such a tour requires accurate advertising and promotion planning. The company goes the other way and comes to the customer. In the B2B area, partners and customers are addressed directly, in the B2C area, the public. Depending on the project, a roadshow as a marketing tool must be promoted accordingly and placed on the market.


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Success analysis

In order to measure the profitability of a roadshow for your business, a comprehensive analysis of the target and actual metrics is required. The event analysis before, during and after the roadshow is an elementary part of the roadshow planning. Do you have any questions about measuring success? Contact us. We are looking forward to your contact!


Strong Partners

The measures for the successful implementation of such a campaign are extensive and complex. From preparation to post-processing to success analysis, the help and expertise of specialists is essential.

We have been working successfully with competent partners for many years and are happy to provide contact persons if necessary.

We will gladly make you an offer. We look forward to hearing from you and provide you with extensive information.


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