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For over 30 years we offer individual promotion solutions and vehicles, specially adapted for your high demands. In addition to the individual promotion vehicles we enable the complete all-round service for your promotion.

Promotiontrucks worldwide in use

Promotion trucks from RAINBOW PROMOTION are unique mobile brand worlds for the best possible experience of your products or services. They transmit messages in an extraordinary and impressive way and create moments of experience for your target group that will be remembered. We bring these moments of experience directly to your target group, independent of trade fairs and events – worldwide. A promotion vehicle can be in use for several months or years and convinces with enormous charisma and brand presence based on your CI.


Your custom made promotion vehicle

Our vehicles are specially built or converted to meet the requirements of our customers, in order to guarantee a perfect presentation based on your corporate design. This includes branding, complete interior design, multimedia, furniture as well as technical equipment, comprehensive project handling and implementation of the roadshow. The various vehicle models offer space and action areas in different sizes and shapes, to suit your individual requirements.

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In our vehicle portfolio of more than 250 promotion vehicles, you will find all variants and sizes, from InfoWheels for a very quick change of location to the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. With the large lowliners, trailers, articulated trucks and demountable showrooms, you have the right space for your impressive, mobile live presentation. With our compact vehicles you are always flexible and accessible for your target group even at critical locations.

The visual adaptation to your corporate design plays a central role and guarantees direct recognition at every event. We rent our vehicles for marketing actions of any kind. If you would like to buy a vehicle, we will also be happy to assist you.

Already on the road

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Full-service provider

As a full-service provider, we offer all other important aspects of a successful promotion tour in addition to the vehicles, the planning and the success control.

The whole process starts with the virtual planning of the promotion vehicles (3D, CAD). Here we create, in digital form, customized images of the vehicle to get an accurate idea of the later implementation to the implementation to the planning and execution of the tour, all from a single source.

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Selection of the promotion vehicle

When choosing the right vehicle, which is perfectly suited to your needs in terms of design and size, some points should be considered.

  • How many people, personnel and guests are expected?
  • Is it an image campaign or product presentation?
  • Is it a B2B or B2C campaign?
  • What are the locations where the tour will take place?
  • Are any special permits required?

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How many people will be inside the truck?

How many staff are on site to take care of the event, how many guests are you expecting, are they invited guests of a closed event or are you expecting a walk-in audience?

The equipment and furnishings are adapted to the respective staff and the expected number of visitors.

Corporate image campaign or product presentation?

Depending on your application, your event and your target audience, the technology, the equipment and all the associated components are selected appropriately.

B2B or B2C?

Roadshow in the B2B area on company premises or in public places for the end consumer?

It pays to think about the possibilities in detail - we will be happy to advise you and go through all the options together with you.

There are also many things to consider here. As a professional in the field of mobile promotion, we draw on many years of experience.

Advice from the experts

Depending on the location of your vehicle, various aspects must be taken into account, certain specifications must be observed depending on the location, and permits may have to be obtained in public places.

We can advise you competently on all these questions and develop a coherent overall concept.

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Optimal presentation of your brand, products or service

Each of our Infomobiles is perfectly designed and equipped for your individual use.

Direct customer contact on site, the targeted presentation of your brand, your products or services is perfectly implemented with a mobile advertising campaign. Approach your potential buyers where they are. Whether with small infomobiles for product presentations in confined spaces or with large show vehicles for impressive appearances... The contact to your target group can be established directly on site.

The Rainbow Infomobiles are an eye-catcher and crowd attractor..

Perfect conception and CAD planning

In the conception of our Infomobiles we focus on perfect consulting and offer a coordinated CAD planning for your vehicle, also in 3D. Already at the planning stage, we think about short assembly and disassembly times in later use, the flexibility and longevity of the Infomobile.

The virtual conceptual design already shows a detailed picture of the conversion to be implemented and thus enables optimal planning in advance. Please have a look at some examples of virtual planning, preparation and implementation on this page.

Years of experience

We at Rainbow Promotion have more than 25 years of experience - you can trust that.

The realization of your project is in best hands with us! From small promotions to very large events, we are at your side for projects of any size. Benefit from the professionalism and expertise that we have applied to countless projects over many years and have been able to support our customers in their successful promotion. As manifold and diverse as our customers are the solutions we implement individually and in a contemporary way, so also with the individual Rainbow Promotion Infomobiles.

The fast change in all areas requires flexible and modern concepts, which are optimally aligned to the conditions and in particular to the desires and conceptions of the customer.

Please note the information we have compiled for you in the "Know How" section. You will find a lot of useful information that can support you in planning your roadshow, from choosing the right vehicle to planning the interior concept to questions of personnel for a promotional tour.

We would also be happy to advise you personally on your specific project and create a concept that can be implemented according to your requirements. Together with you, we will work out the proposal that is optimally geared to achieving your promotional goal and that will leave a lasting impression on your target group. There are many factors that have to be taken into account for a target-oriented implementation.

As your partner with many years of experience in the field of promotion and roadshow, the planning down to the last detail is in safe hands.

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