Development of the interior concept

Design and interior fittings for an info mobil.

During development and implementation, attention should be paid to a roadshow-compatible solution:

Construction and dismantling

An easy and quick assembly and disassembly of equipment modules should be possible even for inexperienced personnel.

Practical and stable

The components used should be suitable for use "on the road", possibly for several months, but at the same time not too heavy. Easing the workload, while delivering an impactful solution is the goal.

If possible, the furniture used should be stackable so that it can be stowed safely and practically for transport.

Everything from one source

Of course, technically it is not absolutely necessary to have all these considerations completely realised "from one source" - but it may save you a lot of time and money, especially because this is our expertise. Let's talk about it and let us prove to you the expert partner we are.

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