WÜRTH celebrates its 75th anniversary

Open InfoWheels for the Würth Roadshow

WÜRTH celebrates its 75th anniversary

WÜRTH celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Each region came up with its promotion campaign, where they were as creative as they would like to be. One store decided to have an entire week of celebration and organized a miniature trade fair for all their suppliers. WÜRTH Münster hired an InfoWheels to celebrate this milestone with all their regional branches.

They plan to drive directly to their 11 stores and showcase their latest products. Inside the vehicle, the specially-built merchandise back wall includes the perfect presentation area for shoes, clothing, and many more goods. Further storage is right below the product shelf, which is necessary as they will also be handing out free giveaways. Another highlight of this jubilee is the laser engraving machine, which individually engraves every product. 

A newly-fitted pantry kitchen with a freshwater tank offers space for a coffee station. There is also a small seating area with a completely new design perfectly suitable for the modern look and feel of this InfoWheels.

Würth Roadshow InfoWheels in Driving condition Image 1
Roadshow for Würth 2020 Image 2
Direct marketing for Würth with an InfoWheels Image 3
Roadshow for Würth with an InfoWheels  Image 4
Open Würth InfoWheels self-drive Image 5
Side view of open InfoWheels for Würth Image 6
Inside view of the Würth InfoWheels  Image 7
Mobile merchandise sales wall for Würth Image 8
Merchandise wall inside the Würth InfoWheels Image 9