Volkswagen xStarters tours throughout Germany with a digital challenge for all young people

Volkswagen Xstarters design for a Roadshow

The Rainbow 13 on behalf of digitization

In today's world, it is impossible to imagine life without a smartphone. Volkswagen has recognised this and wants to teach digital skills to schoolchildren early by using a specially developed app, the new "xStarters" programme. This is part of a nationwide challenge in which the xStarters visit a total of 10 schools within three weeks. With almost 90 square meters on display, our Rainbow 13 serves as a mobile classroom. The branding goes hand in hand with the program's corporate design: colorful and eye-catching, just perfect for young people. The extension adorns a large print through which the students can identify themselves. Lounge chairs, a small table tennis table, and stools in front of the truck invite everyone into a relaxed atmosphere and facilitate access to the students.
We wish the students and the dedicated xStarters team lots of fun and lots of creative ideas.

Volkswagen xStarters touring with a digital challenge for young people throughout Germany Image 1
xStarters Volkswagen on the road Image 2
Light shining mobile showroom for Volkswagen xStarters Image 3
Interior of Volkswagen xStarters Showroom  Image 4
Young people standing in front of the Volkswagen xStarters Showtruck Image 5
Group of young people inside the xStarters Volkswagen mobile Showroom Image 6
Coloured inside the Volkswagen xStarters Showroom  Image 7
Seating and desks for the Volkswagen xStarters mobile Showroom Image 8
blue sky and the Volkswagen xStarters Showtruck  Image 9
Volkswagen xStarters touring blue sky with coloured foiling Image 10
Volkswagen xStarters tour experience live marketing Image 11
Volkswagen xStarters for youngster Image 12
Showtruck mobile roadshow for Volkswagen xStarters in front of blue sky and trees  Image 13
Volkswagen xStarters Roadshow placed in front of a building Image 14
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