Travelling with solar electricity

Wattkraft Italy InfoWheels Roadshow 2020

Wattkraft Italy - With electricity

To promote the new inverter module, Wattkraft rented an InfoWheels to travel through Italy for three months. The self-drive solution should be almost identical to the previous promotional vehicle. The only difference between the two was the lettering on the vehicle itself.

The standard promotional equipment has been upgraded to an individual solution: opposed to the bench and a sideboard, a long low board was built inside to make space for modules and planned graphics on the large inner wall of the InfoWheels. In addition, a 49-inch monitor served as an additional source of information.

More about the new module from Wattkraft, the Huawei FusionSolar Residential Smart PV Solution, can be found here.

Wattkraft Italy InfoWheels for Roadshow Marketing Image 1
Second entrance, wattkraft italy InfoWheels Image 2
Glass decor Huawei Wattkraft Italy Roadshow Image 3
Wattkraft Italy InfoWheels Roadshow Interior Design Image 4
Wattkraft Italy InfoWheels Roadshow Interior Image 5
Pantry kitchen of the Wattkraft Italy InfoWheels Image 6