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Wattkraft InfoWheels for the Huawei Roadshow

Wattkraft InfoWheels

Wattkraft specializes in the sale of photovoltaic goods and offers a wide range of items from inverters to solar modules. They are a direct supplier to Huawei, who have already rented an InfoWheels last year. When a new inverter module came on the market, a unique promotion needed to be set in place to increase sales. What was this unique promotion? The self-drive InfoWheels. A perfect solution for those who don't have a truck or trailer driving licence. The InfoWheels is designed to the very last detail, executing the customer's vision.

Most InfoWheels come with two benches, a table, a pantry kitchen, and a sideboard. In this case, the standard promoter equipment was upgraded with the following: the sideboard and a bench made room for a long low board so that the modules and the planned graphics could fit on the entire wall. The pantry kitchen stayed apart of the interior, where a coffee machine was situated. A 49-inch monitor was mounted on the wall as an additional source of information. The outside of the InfoWheels got a complete branding in the Huawei CI. The driver's side of the vehicle was coated with a graphic that explains the direct path of the energy flow to the customer. Even the windows were used as a marketing area, where the Huawei logo Glass decor style was placed. More about the new module, the Huawei FusionSolar Residential Smart PV Solution, can be found here.

Wattkraft InfoWheels from a distance Image 1
Wattkraft InfoWheels driving towards the street Image 2
Wattkraft InfoWheels front view Image 3
Wattkraft InfoWheels Huaweis Roadshow open Image 4
Side view Wattkraft InfoWheels Image 5
Wattkraft InfoWheels for the Huaweis Roadshow tour 2020 Image 6
Moving Wattkraft InfoWheels with solar panels in front of a sunflower field Image 7
Moving InfoWheels for Wattkraft rear view Image 8
Landscape with Wattkraft InfoWheels  Image 9
Side view of an open InfoWheels for Wattkraft Image 10
Rear view of the Wattkraft InfoWheels 2020 Image 11
Front view of the Huawei Wattkraft InfoWheels  Image 12
Side view of the Huaweis Wattkraft InfoWheels  Image 13
Side view of the Wattkraft InfoWheels glass decor Image 14
Interior design of the Wattkraft InfoWheels  Image 15
Interior design of the Wattkraft InfoWheels for Huawei Image 16
Inside view looking towards the TV for wattkraft Image 17