TOGGO Tour – Meet your stars on tour

Crowd of people at the toggo tour

This year Rainbow Promotion is part of the fantastic and eventful TOGGO Tour 2018! Super RTLis touring with the Rainbow 15 from May to September through eleven big cities, such as Leipzig, Munich, Cologne and Berlin, packed up with a fantastic stage show. Stars like  Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, Daniela KatzenbergerFeuerherz and many more can be seen here.

No childhood wish remains unfulfilled: there are play islands, action stages, show interludes, adventure worlds, play courses, and much more. From dragon-riding to dance workshops - the children are animated to participate in the games and invited to have an unforgettable day with their TV stars. With over 20,000 visitors per event, the TOGGO Tour is very successful and is well received by the younger visitors.

Thanks to the black branding, the colourful branding elements with the TOGGO Stars cannot be overlooked. The tour dates are displayed on the rear of the promotion truck, with the show stage offering approx—80 sqm of space. Here you can find the following dates of the Termine der TOGGO Tour 2018.
The Rainbow Promotion Team wishes everyone a lot of fun.

TOGGO Tour - crowded Image 1
Festival mood with the Toggo Tour showtruck from Rainbow Image 2
Animals on the Toggo Roadshow tour Image 3
Kids at a TOGGO Tour attraction Image 4
A lot of people visiting the TOGGO Roadshow Tour Image 5
Colorful TOGGO Roadshow tour with many people Image 6
Meeting the stars - Toggo tour Roadshow Image 7
TOGGO Roadshow Tour Live Marketing Image 8
Crowd of people standing in front of the Roadshow Truck Image 9
Colorful TOGGO Mobile Marketing Image 10
Stage of the mobile TOGGO Tour Image 11
Film set TOGGO Tour Roadshow Image 12