The 'Wanderbus' Roadshow on tour through the USA

Wanderbus on tour

Wunderbar Together - Germany and the US - The Goethe-Institut on the road with the WanderbUS 2019

We, at Rainbow Promotion, are particularly proud of our first roadshow together with the Goethe Institut: Our show truck will be touring through 48 states in the USA from the beginning of March to the end of October. The goal behind all this is to promote the German language at over 60 schools and colleges and foster cultural relations between these two nations.

For the interior of the WanderbUS, tablets and virtual reality areas have been built to provide entertainment and information through interactive learning platforms. For example, you can go on a virtual journey of discovery through the world of science with Ms. Schlau and Professor Einstein and improve your German language skills at the same time. Additional puzzles, quiz games, impressive "Wunderbar together" videos, and a PhotoBooth visit the WanderbUS not only interesting for schoolchildren but also adults. Be prepared to be fascinated by the integration of technology and event experience in our show truck.

We wish all our WanderbUS visitors lots of fun and a great stay.

Wanderbus flags Terrace Germany and America Image 1
Wanderbus Showtruck Image 2
Crowd of people in front of the Wanderbus Image 3
Sunshine, clear blue sky and the Wanderbus Image 4
Roadshow Group Mercedes Image 5
Wanderbus Roadshow Cab of a tractor Image 6
Wall and behind it the Roadshow "Wanderbus" Image 7
Wanderbus - Germany and the US Poster Image 8
Screen of a camera filming Image 9
Wanderbus interior with people speaking Image 10
Wanderbus interior Image 11
Wanderbus touch screen "tap to start" Image 12
Woman with an orang pullover touching on a screen and showing something to a group of people Image 13
a group of children standing in front of a touch screen Image 14
Children inside the Wanderbus using a touch screen Image 15
Children inside the wanderbus tour bus using touch screens Image 16
A man and a woman using VR glasses Image 17
A group of children interested in Wanderbus Image 18
Person reading a flyer inside the Wanderbus Image 19
A group of people using headsets inside the Wanderbus Image 20
People in front of screens using headsets inside the Wanderbus Image 21
Goethe Insitute foiling inside the Wanderbus Image 22
Wanderbar together - Germany and the US Image 23
Wanderbus on Roadshow with flags and a Show truck from Rainbow Promotion Image 24
Flag Germany and US with a crowd of people standing in front of the Roadshow truck Image 25
Little boy painting and another boy watching him on the Roadshow  Image 26
Crowd in front of the Wanderbus with a terrace Image 27
Roadshow Group Mercedes-Benz Actros Image 28
Roadshow for Wanderbus from Rainbow Image 29
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