The new Rainbow E-Promoter at Rainbow

E-Promoter from Rainbow Promotion

Be a pioneer and plan your first environmentally friendly roadshow!

It is with great pleasure that we finally present our new, environmentally friendly E-Promotor, the perfect companion for a 100% electric roadshow. With this promotional vehicle, no one has to worry about environmental badges anymore because this all-rounder causes ZERO EMISSION.

The Rainbow e-Promotor can reach up to 160 kilometers in range, and its charging time takes up to 4 hours. The vehicle is also fully equipped with the latest LED lighting technology. It can reach a maximum speed of 80km/h and is equipped with a high-quality rearview camera. This promotional vehicle is also completely customizable, with the possibility to adapt it to your specific needs.

Our e-Promotor is the future of emission-free roadshows!

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Promotion vehicle Red and green Image 1
Two little electric vehicles in green and red Image 2
Electric promotion vehicle in paris Image 3
Expo Roadshow Solution E-promoter Image 4
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