The mobile A.T.U. Workshop starts right on time at the beginning of autumn

ATU mobile workplace, Showroom from Rainbow

ATU Werkstatt mobil - Rainbow Promotion makes it possible to change tyres right inside of this showroom

Just in time for the beginning of autumn, our pavilion, Rainbow 150, is going on a roadshow tour as a mobile ATU workshop.

The lucky winners, drawn in advance by ATU via a raffle selection, will receive a free premium wheel change for their car in Munich, Hamburg, or Berlin. From small cars to SUVs, all vehicles can be expertly looked after by a short-lifting platform and tyre balancing machine, especially integrated into the vehicle, for this roadshow. The workshop team also has a workbench and workshop cars at their disposal. The winners can make themselves comfortable at the lounge furniture during the short waiting time or have a refreshment at the reception counter.

The branding focused on the logo printed on the panes of the canopy cover and two flagpoles. This tour shows pavilion's versatility as a mobile showroom, from the cozy modern lounge area created by the company ISDERA to the mobile workshop for A.T.U. Auto-Teile-Unger Handels GmbH & Co. KG.

Mobile ATU Workplace Image 1
Mobile ATU Workplace at work Image 2
Men at work at the mobile ATU Workplace Image 3
Mobile ATU Workplace from above Image 4
Mobiel ATU Workplace from a distance Image 5
Mobile ATU Workplace whole view Image 6
Mobile ATU Workplace with beach flags Image 7
Interior design of the mobile ATU Workplace Image 8
Mobile ATU Workplace before work Image 9
Mobile ATU workplace interior Image 10
Mobile ATU Workplace at night Image 11