The InfoWheels Trainer rolls on for WatchGuard

Interior with a desk and chairs for the Watchguard InfoWheels

WatchGuard Roadshow 2018

Our InfoWheels went on tour for WatchGuard Technologies and was christened "alfRED" by the WatchGuard employees for this roadshow.

The interior of the promotion vehicle has been equipped as a "Trainer." It offers seven seats in the rear area. In addition, a large LCD monitor has been permanently mounted inside the vehicle to provide the "visual" during the training.

The permanently installed interior serves for quick assembly and disassembly and is a significant safety aspect for all trips between locations. There is a fabric covering behind the monitor, which is individually created for WatchGuard and can be backlit if desired.

The InfoWheels was generously labelled for the outside branding. The white lettering of the company name/logo and three full-surface digital prints are perfectly contrasted by the deep black paint of the promotion vehicle. The colours appear more intense and become a real eye-catcher.

We wish WatchGuard and alfRED a successful promotion tour! Further information about the roadshow, alfRED and the dates can be found here.

InfoWheels Trainer rolls for Watchguard with red, black and white design Image 1
Black InfoWheels for Watchguard Image 2
InfoWheels Trainer Edition in use for Watchguard Image 3
InfoWheels Trainer for Watchguard backside Image 4
Backside InfoWheels for Watchguard Image 5
Side view InfoWheels for Watchguard Image 6
Side view Trainer rolling for Watchguard Image 7
Watchguard Lettering InfoWheels  Image 8
alfRED Watchguard InfoWheels Image 9
glass doors InfoWheels for Watchguard Image 10
Seating of the InfoWheels Trainer for Watchguard Image 11
Seating InfoWheels for WatchGuard inside the Van Image 12
InfoWheels Trainer for Watchguard, interior with a screen  Image 13
Watchguard on tour Image 14
Watchguard on tour for safety Image 15
Watchguard alfRED Image 16
Interior of the Trainer InfoWheels for Watchguard Image 17
Watchguard Interior of a vehicle for a Roadshow Image 18
Interior for Watchguard InfoWheels with a red carpet Image 19