The InfoWheels Promoter as a promotion vehicle for Warner Brothers

InfoWheels Roadshow for Annabelle

Film promotion roadshow for Annabelle 3

Shortly before the film release of the latest part of the horror movie series Annabelle, our InfoWheels promotor, went on a roadshow through Germany. The black vehicle was branded on the outside with a partial surface branding. Inside, however, all surfaces were customized to create a kind of "wooden hut look."

The interior was very creepy. Besides the decorative furniture, a surveillance camera and an exceptional sound system were installed to capture visitors during a pre-planned jump scare moment. The InfoWheels doubled as a mobile escape room.

Annabelle 3 horror Roadshow Image 1
InfoWheels Escape Room annabelle 3 Image 2
Annabelle 3 Promo Tour roadshow  Image 3