The "Infomobil" of the German Bundestag starts in Bielefeld

"Infomobil" of the German Bundestag comes from Bielefeld

Tour of the German Bundestag 2018

Over 40 constituencies nationwide will be visited by the German Bundestag with the Rainbow Promotion Infomobil again this year. Members of parliament and honorary staff will be available to answer questions, hold discussions, and give lectures on the parliament's tasks and working methods. A total of seven screens are installed in the Infomobile for information purposes. Five small screens enable visitors to access the Internet on the German Bundestag website. Informative films are shown on two large screens and also serve the honorary staff interactively as visual support for their lectures. Of course, there is so much more to discover in this Infomobile.

A quiz is integrated into the show truck for our young politicians where their knowledge can be tested. The Infomobile is equipped with a unique lift to get into our promotion truck without much effort because everyone is welcome. The Rainbow Promotion Team wishes a successful roadshow!
When the Infomobile of the German Bundestag is with you in your constituency, you can find out here.

Deutscher Bundestag goes on Roadshow tour Image 1
Interior of the German Bundestag starts from Bielefeld Image 2
The "Infomobil" of the German Bundestag and blue sky Image 3
Frontside of the Infomobil of the German Bundestag  Image 4
Side view of the Infomobil of the German Bundestag Image 5
Backside of the German Bundestag built-up Image 6
Infomobil of the German Bundestag with flags of Germany Image 7