The Home, speed home Tour from MAN

The "Home, Speed Home Tour" from MAN

MAN is still going on a European tour in 2017!

At this year's „Home, speed home Tour 2017“ of MAN, the listed vehicle and mechanical engineering group is presenting, among other things, the redesigned driver's cabs of MAN tractors
On-site, visitors will get an initial overview of the innovations that will drive the truck even more functional and safe, demonstrated by MAN Profi Drive experts.
Another new product from MAN is the latest and particularly efficient MAN D08 engine. In addition to maximizing fuel savings and reliability, a further strength of the engine is the new, improved driving comfort. This is compared to the comfort home feeling we usually all know from home. The new product had to be presented in a flexible and mobile space. This is where our presentation vehicle RB09 came into play. With this vehicle, all requirements for the planned presentation of the new comfortable MAN engine were fulfilled.

The vehicle can be assembled and disassembled within a short time and offers a usable area of approx. 100m² an ideal room size for this project. As can be seen in the pictures, the engine was installed as an "eye-catcher" right in the middle of our promotion vehicle's presentation room so that it can be easily seen from every corner of the room.

From the outside, the vehicle has been completely branded. The small "special" of the branding is the trailer's tailgate, which is labeled with a map and the tour dates.

Rainbow Promotion wishes a successful promotion tour!

MAN Roadshow tour  Image 1
Roadshow Tour for MAN Image 2
Backside of the MAN Showtruck Image 3
Side view of the Showtruck for MAN Image 4
Interior of the Showtruck for the MAN-Roadshow Image 5
engine from MAN inside the Showtruck Image 6
Front of the Showtruck for MAN Image 7
Side view of the driving MAN Showtruck Image 8