The EggStreamer XL on the road for Griffwerk

Griffwerk Roadshow 2020 event

On behalf of innovation 

GRIFFWERK is the German door handle company that invented the famous “Ulmer handle,” the sole producer worldwide.For its 20th anniversary, GRIFFWERK toured through Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, and Luxembourg with the EggStreamer XL, under the motto "20 years of innovation from bluestone".

With more than 60 events, GRIFFWERK visited specialist dealers, presented the latest creations, and answered technical questions about installation and application possibilities directly on-site.

The assembly time of only five minutes proved to be advantageous for the fast-moving pace of this roadshow. Thanks to the additional wall elements, a wide variety of door handles were displayed. A high-quality optic wood flooring was installed to leave the visitor of the EggStreamer to feel at home and welcome.

Instead of crowded exhibition halls, GRIFFWERK experienced exclusive events with their roadshow trailer, targeting various specialist dealers in different locations.

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Griffwerk Roadshow 2020 from Rainbow Image 2
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