SunExpress makes advertising with our EggStreamer Stage „L“

Showtruck for SunExpress with our EggStreamerStage L

Mobile Promotion with SunExpress!

In March, our promotion trailer will be on the road again for SunExpress.The trailer unit's foil is visible from all sides. Together with the eye-catching shape of the EggStreamer, the trailer is highly appealing to potential customers.
However, there were no interior fittings for this project, and the EggSteamerStage "L" was rented as the standard version. Our "EggStreamer" promotion trailers are among our smallest units of mobile showrooms and fall under the category of "self-drive", as they are rented without a driver.

You can find more information about our "EggStreamer" promotion trailers here“.

EggStreamerStage L for SunExpress Image 1
SunExpress Roadshow Image 2
Interior of the Sun Express EggStreamer Stage L Image 3
Driving SunExpress EggStreamer Stage L Image 4
Lettering on the EggStreamer Stage L with the word "SunExpress" Image 5
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