"Skynachtstour 2016" successfully started

The Skynight Tour 2016

... has already made many children happy at its launch and has already provided great fun at several locations with the mobile Skynachts bakery for decorating and eating Christmas delicacies. The festive setup of the Rainbow Showtruck is a real eye-catcher and will transport the Christmas spirit and atmosphere to several more locations.

Four children inside the "Skynachtstour 2016"-Showtruck for Christmas Image 1
Children inside a Christmas Roadshow-Truck  Image 2
People sitting at a table and wall with "Zauberhafte Weihnachtsträume bei uns im Norden"-Lettering Image 3
Children with their parents inside the Skynachtstruck Image 4
Terrace of the Skynachtstour-Truck 2016 Image 5