RMC Sport

Showtruck for RMC Sport at a cloudy place

Radio Monte Carlo Sport at the Tour of France2017

The French sports channel RMC Sportwas right on the spot with our RB 10 during this year's Tour de France.

Meanwhile, the vehicle is back in Bielefeld and will soon be on tour for a new project.

The Rainbow Promotion Team wishes RMC Sport a good start into the season 17/18 of the Ligue 1 next Friday, 04.08.2017.

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Side view of the Showtruck for RMC Sport Image 1
Rear view of the RMC Sport Showtruck Image 2
Side view of the RMC Sport Showtruck Image 3
RMC Sport Showtruck Roadshow Image 4
RMC Sport Showtruck driving Image 5