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Twi InfoWheels in a row vor Hettich

Hettich on Tour

Hettich is a global leader in furniture fittings and is starting to promote its new product catalogue with a roadshow. The initial plan was to present its latest products at trade fairs and only use the InfoWheels as an additional marketing tool. Now that trade fairs are cancelled due to COVID-19, the vehicle has become their primary means of promotion. Our compact advertising vehicles can be used to host planned or spontaneous small events. It is also ideal for direct marketing since you are mobile and drives straight to the customer. Additional positive features: mobile promotion allows for a personal touch and avoids crowded trade fairs. The InfoWheels is also self-sufficient, with the help of solar panels installed on the roof.

Hettich has installed the correct sanitising equipment following the appropriate guidelines for the current pandemic. Masks and hand disinfectant dispensers are available up for everyone to use. Additionally, to assure visitors comply with the correct distance, floor strips have been placed as a visual indicator.

The white exterior of the InfoWheels provides a contrasting background for Hettich's branding. On the inside, a DIA Tex Frame was also printed with matching pictures in their look and feel. The LED lighting profile is an eye-catcher, in particular, because of its changing colours. Its popularity with our clients means it is now standard in every InfoWheels. Hettich uses the latest technologies for furniture fittings and their events: a QR code on the outside ensures that the necessary information can be retrieved on demand.

The interior shows several cabinet components with different types of fittings. A partition wall provides extra space to present other furniture pieces and creates an additional storage area at the vehicle's rear. Spare parts, sliding doors of the furniture, and even standing tables can be found here. Extra space for a TV was made on the partition wall itself, so that information about the individual products can be presented. The tour will take place across Germany for over a year.

If your next planned event threatens to be postponed or cancelled, then grab the next InfoWheels or talk to us about your options. Together we will find a suitable solution for your company.

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