Our compact InfoWheels on a sport(y) mission

InfoWheels Anytime Fitness at Rainbow

Anytime Fitness

This time the InfoWheels is on a promotion tour around Gütersloh.

Anytime Fitness is a fitness brand that operates over 4,000 franchise locations around the world.

The well-known sports brand is now introducing its latest location with the help of our promotion vehicle. For the next 5 weeks, interested people will be informed about the fitness company, which will open its doors for the first time in April for all sports enthusiasts.

Short promotion phases are popular with our InfoWheels, as they provide impactful advertising for a company on a small budget. This particular InfoWheels contains the ‘promoter equipment,’ which consists of a sideboard, two opposite benches, and a fixed table in the middle to complete the look. This arrangement of the interior is suited for customer discussions and exchanging fitness news and ideas.

The branding was adapted to the Anytime Fitness CI and mounted on the individual surfaces of the vehicle. An illuminated DIA Tex Frame printed with their personalized advertising message provides an additional highlight to the promotion tour in the interior. A built-in monitor, on which further informational material runs, provides additional advertising space.

We wish the Health and Fitness club a successful roadshow

Anytime Fitness InfoWheels Sporty Image 1
InfoWheels Anytime Fitness on tour Image 2
InfoWheels for Anytime Fitness on the road Image 3
Interior Anytime Fitness Flooring Image 4
Flooring Anytime Fitness InfoWheels Interior Image 5