On the road for fast network

InfoWheels for enviaTel, closed

Envia TEL goes on promotional tour

Envia TEL builds and operates telecommunications networks for B2B customers and network operators in and around Leipzig. Because of the further cancellation of tradeshows and fairs, they had to choose an alternative marketing strategy and decided to go for a Rainbow custom vehicle. They rented out one of our InfoWheels for 3 months. Not only does the bright orange branding makes it a real eye-catcher, but the interior of the vehicle speaks volumes itself.

Due to the current corona situation, tables and chairs were specially designed and installed according to the specified minimum distance between people. In addition, a plexiglass panel was fitted in the middle of the table, creating a safe environment for the tour!

We wish our customers a successful promotion tour!

InfoWheels for enviaTel, doors opened Image 1
InfoWheels for enviaTel Marketing Image 2
InfoWheels for EnviaTel Image 3
InfoWheels from Rainbow Promotion  Image 4
InfoWheels for enviaTel, side view Image 5
EnviaTel InfoWheels Roadshow Image 6
Interior of the enviaTel InfoWheels Image 7
Wall of the enviaTel InfoWheels Image 8
enviaTel InfoWheels interior Image 9
Purple foing of the enviaTel interior Image 10
Interior of the EnviaTel InfoWheels Image 11