National Lego Day

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As a tribute to #NationalLegoDay, we're remembering the time Lego took over SkyBoxx in the Netherlands with this fun throwback to get kids and adults excited about the colorful plastic bricks that have entertained so many people around the world for nearly 70 years! 
Lego can be used to build toy buildings, vehicles, creatures, machines and all sorts of things - and you can take them apart and put them back together as many times as you like. That means endless creative play. They've even created interactive online games that keep kids (and adults, because let's face it, who doesn't love playing with LEGOs) entertained and learning for hours!
And what better way than to incorporate the #SkyBox into their campaign, which looks like a Lego itself, so they can reach their target audience in a fun and #interactive way!

Lego Skyboxx Roadshow Image 1
Lego Skyboxx Roadshow Image 2
Lego Skyboxx Roadshow Image 3