Marketing tour through Switzerland

Nussbaum Roadshow

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With over 30 stops throughout Switzerland, the Up2Date Roadshow of R. Nussbaum AG was a real "Tour de Suisse". 
Whether Trimbach, Bremgarten or Sion - visitors to the rolling trade fair enjoyed exciting presentations, a hybrid exhibition and delicious cuisine!
For Nussbaum, this roadshow was an important enrichment, because as a developer, manufacturer and direct distributor, Nussbaum has always focused on personal customer contact. Despite the almost two-year Corona restrictions, the direct exchange is a highlight for Roy Nussbaum, CEO and board member: " It is crucial for us to maintain direct contact with our customers. In addition to learning about their opinions of our solutions and services, we also receive many valuable tips on the current challenges and wishes of the industry." Nussbaum
Take a virtual step into the Up2Date Nussbaum Roadshow and see how we have integrated a fully interactive showroom that brings Nussbaum products and solutions to life! We are delighted to have been part of this important journey for the company's marketing campaign.

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