Live Marketing: The new strategy

Livemarketing: The new strategy

Focus on live marketing now and get on board of our drive-yourself EggStreamer L.

Meet your sales goals by driving directly to your target group. Having a mobile promotion as your primary approach will be the missing key to your marketing strategy. On-site, you can reach your customers much more accessible and, above all, get that personal interaction that has become more relevant now than ever before. Find a vehicle that suits your budget perfectly. The EggStreamer is a distinctive roadshow solution that provides a high impact to consumers with flexibility. Its appearance makes it a modern roadshow solution, assuring you’ll be noticed.

The EggStreamer is suitable for mobile shops, product presentations, street promotion, film studio, mobile conference room, training courses, etc. Go the extra mile and make your roadshow completely electrical by combining it with an electric towing vehicle, such as a Tesla.

At a glance:

  • Modern design
  • Simple handling
  • Perfect for a smaller budget
  • Set-up time: 5 minutes


Promotion trailer with tesla electric Image 1
Promotion trailer with tesla 100% electric Image 2
Emission-free roadshow Image 3
white EggStreamer L roadshow  Image 4
Promotion trailer Tesla Image 5
promotion trailer opened Image 6
EggStreamer with tesla 100% electric Image 7
EggStreamer with tesla electric Image 8
for an electric Roadshow Image 9
EggStreamer L electric with Tesla Image 10
EggStreamer with tesla electric roadshow Image 11
EggStreamer L electric with Tesla interior view Image 12
Promotion trailer interior view Image 13