Kick-off-Event at the Domotex Fair Hannover

Bostik Roadshow Truck on the Domotex 2020 Hannover

Creating masterpieces together with Bostik

To coincide with the start of the new year, Bostik has come up with something big; the presentation of its new product range on a grand scale. In the Rainbow way, this means: with a tailor-made "Bostik Experience Tour 2020" roadshow. Here, the world of Bostik was packed into a spacious show truck to drive to many trade fairs and wholesalers with the Experience Tour. The Rainbow Showtruck 05 is perfect for this purpose, as its strong appearance goes hand in hand with Bostik's brand.

You won't be able to miss it with its 14 advertising boards and 4 high-reaching flagpoles. The full-wrap branding in full Bostik CI contributes to its unmissable eye-catching abilities. Within a short time, a simple showroom was transformed into a fully-developed show truck.

Inside, the attention is drawn to a large Product wall. Demonstrations occur here, right on top of the demo table, which provides additional storage space with its built-in cupboard. Many product displays and wall showcases offer enough space for products and their information material for those DIY enthusiasts. The entire interior has been put on wheels for extra flexibility.

The showroom provides around 80 square metres of space for the planned craftsmen's breakfast and offers enough room for conversations about the products. The fully automatic coffee machine in the hydraulic kitchen extension provides hot drinks.

You can find further information here.

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