International vehicle presentation

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Hyundai unveils its latest Innovation

For the presentation of the new IONIQ 5, Hyundai has rented out two Expandables, the 'Full Glass' and the 'One Side Glass'. Both showrooms are hydraulically removable modules that ensure an exclusive touching brand experience. The minimal set-up and disassembly time allows for a full tour schedule. One of the Expandables will travel to Norway and throughout the UK, and for the other unit, stops are planned in Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

The Expandable’s glass front allows prospective car enthusiasts to get a good look at the new IONIQ 5. This creates additional interest among passers-by, providing the ideal module for brands that aim for high exposure 24/7.

What is unique about the electric vehicle is its attractive design and high-end performance alongside its sustainability approach. The floormats' material is made of recycled PET bottles, and the fabric of the seats is made of bamboo - just to name a few examples.

The original plan for the first stop in Norway was to travel around the country and invite everyone to buy or see the new innovation. However, due to the novel coronavirus, circumstances do not allow traveling around the country with the IONIQ 5 as planned. Instead, the visitors will now be invited to a 50-minute digital viewing with their chosen dealer. You can book your digital slot for this event and experience a full demonstration of the new vehicle. Book your viewing here and get a great look at the IONIQ 5 inside the Expandable 'One Side Glass.'


We wish Hyundai a successful tour!

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