InfoWheels go digital

d.velop tour promotion


Our much sought-after InfoWheels is now going on tour for the software company d.velop. The Self-Drive Promoter can be driven with a class B driving license and is therefore very attractive for many of our customers. The compact look itself also inspires confidence and increases curiosity as to what exactly is hidden inside.

The promoter equipment includes a seating area, a sideboard, and a pantry kitchen and perfectly fits d.velop's project. A new floor rounds off the CI and gives additional individuality and modernity.

Inside and outside, full-surface plots were applied in the coordinated color mix of the digital company. A stretch cloth in the DIA Tex Frame, which is available in every InfoWheel, provides additional advertising space in a modern look.

A 42-inch monitor becomes a source of information, and of course, there is also internet access. This and many other unlimited possibilities are feasible when customizing an InfoWheel.

More information about d.velop here.

d.velop on tour  Image 1
live marketing tour for dvelop Image 2
InfoWheels d.velop Marketing tour Image 3
full wrap branding for d.velop Image 4
self-drive InfoWheels for d.velop Image 5
Interior of the d.velop InfoWheels Image 6
Interior standard InfoWheels d.velop Image 7
vehicle for d.velop interio InfoWheels Image 8