InfoWheels from outer space

PPG Moonwalk

Spacious InfoWheels introduces the MoonWalk machine

PPG was looking for a suitable marketing opportunity for the Moonwalk machine, which automates the mixing of colours. They chose the InfoWheels because it met all their unique requirements. You don't need a truck driver's licence for this, and you can easily drive it to your customers yourself. In the meantime, quite a few PPG vehicles have been produced and upgraded and are on the roads worldwide.

With their moonscape design, they are a real eye-catcher. For a long-lasting look, the entire vehicle was painted entirely black. The foiling followed this with individual logo and moonscape plots on the outside as well as the inside. Inside the vehicle, there is a moonwalk machine and more shelves to store everything necessary. There are LED strips with colour changing function on the ceiling, which flatter the whole space theme, but this is standard in most InfoWheels.

We are looking forward to working on more MoonVans and wish our customer a successful roadshow.”

PPG Moonwalk Image 1
PPG Moonwalk Image 2
PPG Moonwalk Image 3
PPG Moonwalk Image 4
PPG Moonwalk Image 5