Honda invites motorcycle fans for a test ride

Honda in CB 1000R in Skyboxx from Rainbow

The Rainbow SkyBoxx lets motorcycles soar in the sky

Under the motto: "Minimalist, Radical & Retro" HONDA presents its CB1000R motorcycle. At the first event at the Olsberg Motorcycle Festival, visitors are invited to take test rides on the CB1000R. For this purpose, our Rainbow SkyBoxx presents the motorcycles "in the air" up to 8 meters in height. This can not be overlooked. Through the large glass panes, the two motorcycles can be seen from almost all angles. The exterior branding is sporty and modern but simple, as the motorcycle is the main attraction. The tour dates, the claim, and the logo adorn the side edges of the SkyBoxx to keep the "products" in focus.

We wish HONDA a successful test ride tour 2018 and a good ride.

HONDA invites motorcycle fans Image 1
Honda with motorcycle fans for a test drive Image 2
Honda with motorcycle fans with flags Image 3
Honda with a crowd of people waiting for a test drive Image 4
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Honda Skyboxx with a motor cycle Image 7
Honda Roadshow Image 8
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Honda Logo Image 11
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