Fendt’s roadshow introduces the FendtONE platform

Expandable for the Fendt Roadshow

FendtONE Tour 2020

To promote their digital FendtONE platform and the new driver's workplace, AGCO/ Fendt has rented our spacious Expandable Showroom for one year.

Day-to-day activities accomplished by machines on the field are now intelligently combined with office activities. The interior of the showroom was curated to reflect the software. It doesn’t matter if it's Onboard or Offboard; either option works.

The white, sleek colour of the vehicle perfectly matches the CI of Fendt. The Expandable exterior was given a full-surface branding, and individual logos in glass-decor style decorate the glass in front. Inside, the wall graphic reflects the feeling of an office. The interior design is functional and modern, just like FendtONE itself. The eye-catcher is the large tracker. It is firmly anchored in the ground and can be carried without any problems.

A high-quality imitation wood floor was mounted on the left and a picture printing field on the floor's other side. The kitchen island on the left has ample storage space for additional information content. High-tech devices such as a touch monitor and a tablet were also installed, which can be used to present the software. More information about FendtONE and a video with insights into the new Fendt 700 Vario can be found here.

Four Fendt tractors and the Expandable in the middle Image 1
Agco Roadshow with the Expandable at the headquarters Image 2
Fendt Roadshow with the Expandable Image 3
Expandable for Fendt Image 4