Expert goes on Roadshow

Expert Showtruck with its tour data on the backside

The expert truck sale 2018

Are you looking for a new fully automatic coffee machine, a large flat screen, any other technical devices, or are you secretly just a bargain hunter? Then you should take a look at this year's expert Handels GmbH Tour 2018! As before in 2017, we will be at the same place again with our roadshow truck "Rainbow 12" and present all summer offers at top prices. The promotion truck is on the road for expert from August to mid-September, driving to more than 20 cities.

Maybe the truck is in your city?

Rainbow Promotion wishes you success and happy shopping!


LKW Tour Data from the Showtruck for Expert Image 1
Expert tour start Image 2
Expert goes on Roadshow tour  Image 3
Showtruck from expert driving  Image 4
Backside of the driving expert showtruck Image 5
People parking in the near of the expert showtruck Image 6
People in front of the expert showtruck Image 7
Expert mobile marketing Image 8
People inside the expert showtruck which is full of products Image 9
People inside the Expert Showtruck  Image 10
Expert flags on expert showtruck Image 11
Expert Roadshow outside Image 12
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