Peugeot Roadshow electric vehicle

High End product presentation

For Peugeot, one thing was clear. The next marketing campaign has to leave a lasting impression, and an essential point must include mobility. And that's why they chose the Rainbow Showtruck #26 Lowliner - the perfect solution for their roadshow. 

The modularly extendable glass element is ideal for the presentation of any vehicle. Peugeot agreed, and without further ado, we manoeuvred the car inside the showroom. The giant illuminated fabric could is easily from outside through the glass fronts. 

The show truck has about 70 sqm of presentation space plus a 30 sqm roof terrace, where you can enjoy a cool drink while presenting to your customers. The fully equipped kitchen area is also separated with a see-through curtain so that nothing can be seen on the way up. 

Green plants, beanbags and additional cushions on the wheel arch panelling provided a pleasant atmosphere and sufficient seating area. And a fridge provided fresh refreshments behind the bar. 

We wish Peugeot a good roadshow presenting their latest electric innovations! 

Peugeot Roadshow electric vehicle  Image 1
Peugeot Roadshow electric vehicle  Image 2
Peugeot Roadshow electric vehicle  Image 3
Peugeot Roadshow electric vehicle  Image 4