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Bostik France Roadshow

Bostik still on tour

The "Bostik Experience Tour" continues: Bostik has been on an extensive roadshow since January 2020 with the kick-off event at the Domotex trade fair in Hanover and has since been travelling through a wide variety of countries such as Germany, Spain and France.

The Bostik universe is accommodated in our spacious RainbowShowtruck 05. Approximately 80 square metres of space offer an exceptional amount of room to comply with all hygiene regulations to provide customers with a safe environment. The Showtruck is also perfectly suited in the current situation as a mobile trade fair alternative to host events anywhere they please.

Together with Bostik, we implemented the vision and created the optimal space and architectural concept in addition to the full-surface branding. The result is something we are proud of producing! And with its dominant appearance, it fits perfectly with Bostik's strong brand.

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