A look back at Christmas past

Coca Cola Christmas Truck

Coca-Cola Christmas Winter Wonderland

At this time last year, the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour was slowly coming to an end. The one-month tour, which took place for the 22nd time, started in Herne and ended in Berlin. A fairytale Christmas wonderland. A wide variety of attractions were built-up within a few hours. In the middle of the adventure landscape was a Christmas tree illuminated with energy-saving LEDs.

Apart from the 'Red Giants,' many enticing features awaited the visitors. For example, you could visit Santa Claus here in person! Take a step into a life-size walk-in snow globe and have your picture taken. Experience an exciting virtual sleigh ride with Santa's reindeer, and as an unforgettable souvenir, there was an individualized Coca -Cola bottle with a wide variety of flavors.

Coca Cola Truck Image 1
Coca Cola Christmas Truck with a wooden fence Image 2
Entering data for customizing a Coca Cola bottle Image 3
Small truck in a gigantic truck Image 4
Coca Cola snow globe to go inside Image 5
Coca Cola Christmas Tree Image 6
People standing next to a huge Coca Cola Truck Image 7
Sleigh ride with VR glasses Image 8
VR glasses Image 9
Rearview mirror of a Coca Cola truck Image 10
Coca Cola wooden hut Image 11
Santa Claus Image 12
Abandoned Coca Cola truck Image 13
Data entry for individualized Coca Cola bottles Image 14
Coca Cola Truck in front of the Benz Arena Image 15
little Truck inside the huge truck Image 16
small Christmas trees in front of a large Coca Cola truck Image 17
Crowd of people at the Christmas market Image 18
People at the Christmas market Image 19
illuminated Coca Cola truck in the dark Image 20
Coca Cola Christmas truck event Image 21
virtual sleigh ride Image 22
Christmas Market Image 23
Coca Cola snow globe Image 24