A flashy look for the election campaign

EggStreamer for CDU Thuringia

The CDU Saxony starts with our EggStreamer Stage L into the election campaign for the state elections 2019!

For the CDU Sachsen the EggStreamer Stage L has been completely rebuilt. This was a complete renewal for our promotional trailer, from the high-quality floor to the individually adapted interior. An integrated bench combined with a fixed kitchen area including a refrigerator and a sink with a fresh water tank offered everything required. In addition, a touch screen was installed on a four-square meter panel inside.

The EggStreamer has a full-surface external branding. Despite the round shape, the desired customer design and CI could be implemented without restrictions. Also, a BMW X5 was rented as an escort vehicle and branded with the same design as the EggStreamer. This trailer's highlight is the installed LED illuminated panel on the roof, which can be seen from afar, even in a large crowd.

CDU Thuringia on the road Image 1
CDU Thuringia 2019 election vehicle Image 2
Mike Mohring CDU Thuringia election 2019 EggStreamer Image 3
CI CDU EggStreamer Thuringia for Mike Mohring Image 4
Turquoise foiling of the EggStreamer, election campaign for Mike Mohring Image 5
Roadshow solution for Mike Morhing, Election campagin Thuringia Image 6
CDU Thuringia EggStreamer for election campaign on the road Image 7
Roadshow for CDU Thuringia Image 8