The Radio Monte Carlo Truck is back!

Radio Monte Carlo Truck on tour again

Our Rainbow 10 accompanies the Tour de France 2018

RMC will be at the start of the Tour de France 2018 again with our Rainbow 10 and will report live from our specially converted mobile recording studio! The branding is a bit more discreet this year, with the Videlio company logo decorating the entire rear of our roadshow truck.
The TDF 2018 is already in full swing and will be visited again by thousands of spectators this year. Further information about the Tour de France 2018 can be found here.

Our promotion truck will accompany the event to the finish line. The Rainbow Promotion team wishes Radio Monte Carlo and all Tour de France enthusiastic cycling fans a sunny and successful event!

Radio Monte Carlo Truck starting Roadshow Image 1
Radio Monte Carlo Truck is there again Image 2
Frontside Radio Monte Carlo Showtruck Image 3
Radio Monte Carlo Showtruck is driving again Image 4
RMC INFO TALK SPORT Radio Monte Carlo Showtruck from Rainbo Image 5
Integrale tour 14H-21H from Radio Monte Carlos Roadshow Image 6
The Radio Monte Carlo Truck is back! Image 7
Radio Monte Carlo truck and blue sky Image 8
Large Radio monte Carlo truck Image 9