The Coca-Cola Parade Truck at the CSD in Berlin and Hamburg

Coke Pride Truck CSD 2019

Coca-Cola and Rainbow promotion at Christopher Street Day 2019

In cooperation with Coca-Cola, we participated at the CSD 2019 in Berlin and Hamburg this year.

With the original Freightliner tractor from the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour and our Parade Truck #04 trailer, we created a real eye-catcher at the Pride 2019.

The trailer was customized and branded for the specifications of this parade. The loading area changed into a huge dance floor - including a DJ desk. In addition, two XXL barrels were installed in the middle of the trailer, where the ice-cold Coca-Cola cans were stored. Everything was in the Coca-Cola CI and a real eye-catcher. These were two incredibly colorful and extraordinary events accompanied by great music and a very peaceful atmosphere.

A big thank you to all participants, and we hope to see you next year.

Christopher Street Day Berlin, Showtruck, pride parade Image 1
csd parade truck, coca cola Image 2
Side view parade truck from Coca-Cola for the CSD 2019 Image 3
crowded csd Pride truck from coke Image 4
Colored Balloon Garland on the Cola Parade truck CSD 2019 Image 5
Parade truck csd 2019 from RP Image 6
Christmas Truck in Berlin Parade truck csd Image 7
 Christopher Street Day 2019 in Berlin from Coca-Cola and Rainbow Promotion Roadshows Image 8
Pride Truck Coca-Cola CSD 2019 with balloon garland Image 9