Pure luxury wrapped in a glass pavilion by Rainbow Promotion

Interior of of the Isdera glass pavilion from Rainbow Promotion

ISDERA at the Oldtimer Grandprix 2018, Nürburgring

When a super sports car with 816 hp and a 105 kWh battery puts on a show, it has to make a suitable entrance. We have achieved this with our Rainbow 151 pavilion. The pavilion, which captivates on each of the two long outer sides with three large glass panes, is perfect for presenting a luxury sports car. With its simple, elegant black design, it served the ISDERA company as a mobile showroom. The modern interior was equipped with a cosy sofa lounge, and an inviting seating area for meetings was placed around the ISDERA Commendatore GT. No flashy branding, only the sports car alone was the focus of interest in the showroom's entrance area, attracting visitors in droves.

We hope that ISDERA was able to start a successful promotion campaign at the Oldtimer Grandprix 2018.

Pure luxury inside the mobile Showroom for Isdera Image 1
Isdera Roadshow Image 2
Roadshow for Isdera with cars  Image 3
White Sportscar from Isdera inside a mobile Showroom from RP Image 4
Interior of the mobile showroom for Isdera Image 5
Interior of the mobile glass showroom Image 6
pure luxury wrapped in a glass pavilion from Rainbow Promotion Image 7
View from above on the mobile showroom for Isdera from Rainbow Image 8
from from above on clouds and the Isdera Showroom in black Image 9
People visiting the mobile Showroom from Isdera Image 10
Cosy and luxurious interior of the glass pavilion from Isdera Image 11
Interior of the glass pavilion from Rainbow, gloss white furniture  Image 12
White sportscar from Isdera inside the Rainbow Showroom Image 13
Luxurious and comfortably furnished showroom from Isdera Image 14
Isdera Showroom glass  Image 15