Colani for IFM

The most creative tractor in the world

The year 2020 is a big challenge for everyone. But many prove their strength even during the difficult COVID-19 times. With innovative ideas, significant marketing strategies can be implemented even now. The sensor and system technology manufacturer IFM electronics from Essen used a roadshow as their main promotion tool. The Rainbow Showtruck 02 combined with the modern Colani tractor unit is now on the move throughout Europe.

Due to the eye-catching design of the tractor and the bright orange of the full-wrap branding, this roadshow is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. The Colani tractor reflects the innovation and creativity of the Essen-based company. It’s already won half the marketing battle just by driving to individual destinations, because generating attention is our top priority.

This B2B roadshow travels directly to its customers in order to present new products and ideas within the spacious double-decker presentation area.

The vehicle itself offers a lot of space, complying with all hygiene regulations.

If you have any questions about the Colani tractor, the Rainbow Showtruck 02, or your own roadshow, get in contact with us today! We are always here to help.

Showroom 02 for IFM Image 1
IFM Roadshow with Colani Image 2
IFM Colani Roadshow Image 3
Huge orange IFM Colani Image 4
Giant IFM Colani, Showtruck 02 Image 5
IFM Colani Showtruck 02 Innovation Image 6
Front view of the orange IFM Colani Image 7
Eye of the orange IFM Colani Image 8
IFM Roadshow in the making Image 9
Orange IFM Colani with clear blue sky Image 10
IFM Colani from a bird's eye view Image 11
Basement of the IFM Showroom Image 12
Technical equipment of the IFM Roadshow Image 13
Interior design of the Showtruck 02 for IFM Image 14
Interior design in the special design of IFM Image 15
Interior design of the Showtruck 02 for IFM Image 16
Interior design of the IFM Showtruck Image 17
Kitchen of the Showtruck 02 for IFM Image 18
Lounge of the IFM Showtruck Image 19
Stairs inside the Showtruck 02 for IFM Image 20
First floor of the Showroom for IFM Image 21
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