Promotional vehicles

For over 30 years, we have been offering customised promotion solutions and vehicles, specially adapted to your high demands. In addition to customised promotion vehicles, we offer a complete all-round service for your promotion.

Promotion trucks in use worldwide

Promotion trucks from RAINBOW PROMOTION are unique mobile brand worlds for the best possible experience of your products or services. They transport live messages in an unusual and impressive way and create memorable moments for your target group. We bring these moments of experience directly to your target group, independent of trade fairs and events, and worldwide. A promotion vehicle can be in use for several months or years and impresses with enormous charisma and brand presence based on your CI.


Your custom-built promotion vehicle

Our vehicles are specially built or converted to meet the requirements of our customers in order to guarantee a perfect appearance based on your corporate design. This includes branding, complete interior design, multimedia, furniture and technical equipment, comprehensive project handling and implementation of the roadshow. The various vehicle models offer space and action areas in different sizes and shapes to suit your individual requirements.

In our vehicle portfolio of more than 250 promotion vehicles, you will find all variants and sizes, from InfoWheels for a very quick change of location to the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. With our large lowliners, trailers, articulated trucks and demountable showrooms, you have the right space for your impressive, mobile live presentation. With our compact vehicles, you are always flexible and accessible to your target group, even in locations where set-up is critical.

The visual adaptation to your corporate design plays a central role and guarantees direct recognition at every event. We rent out our vehicles for marketing campaigns of all kinds. If you would like to buy a vehicle, we will also be happy to support you.

Full-service provider

As a full-service provider, we offer all other important aspects of a successful promotion tour in addition to the vehicles, the planning and the success control.
The whole process begins with the virtual planning of the promotion vehicles (3D, CAD). Here, customer-specific images of the vehicle are created in digital form in order to obtain an exact idea of the later implementation, through the implementation to the planning and execution of the tour, all from a single source.




They are already on the road

InfoWheels for Hettich Image 0
E-Promoter red and green Image 1
InfoWheels for enviaTel Image 2
Expandable for the Fendt Roadshow Image 3
EggStreamer  Image 4
InfoWheels for Northface Image 5
Showtruck for Microsoft Image 6
Huawei Showroom Image 7
White Eggstreamer  Image 8