Promotion trailer

Promotion trailer are practical trailers for fairs, events, advertising, information and more

A trailer is the ideal choice for many promotions. It requires little floor space and is ideally suited for installation where space is critical. Maneuver in the smallest of spaces and find a place for your advertising campaign, even when things get tight.

The advantages of the Rainbow promotion trailer at a glance
All-rounder with time savings
The Rainbow Eggstreamer is...
Just drive yourself

The advantages of the Rainbow promotion tags at a glance

  • Impressive appearance
  • Individual equipment
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Maneuvering in the smallest of spaces
  • Easy and quick setup & dismantling
  • Drive yourself

Rainbow promotional trailers make it possible.

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All-rounder - trailer that saves time

Promotion trailer for trade fairs, events, advertising, information and more
You have the opportunity to advertise impressively with a promotion trailer at locations that are critical for the installation.
This can e.g. Markets or inner-city events.
Our promotion trailers are also the right choice if you want to go to changing venues. Thanks to quick assembly and dismantling, you are quickly mobile and ready for the next event.
A great advantage to save time-consuming processes.


The Rainbow Eggstreamer is...

  • perfectly tailored to your needs
  • first class in variability and flexibility
  • Event trailer
  • Exhibition trailer
  • Promotion trailer
  • Sales trailer
  • Information booth and much more

The "Eggstreamer" is an example of a flexible and agile promotion trailer. This trailer can be used flexibly for your project and offers equipment tailored to your needs.

Like all of our promotion trailers, it can be individually equipped for various concepts such as sales promotion or office. We also enable other equipment variants, such as the expansion of an information stand.

We have the promotional trailer you need

In addition to the EggStreamer, we offer other promotional trailers such as sales trailers with opportunities for tasting or trailers equipped as an exhibition stand.

We look forward to making you an individual offer.

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Do you have a towing vehicle? Then you can simply pull the Rainbow trailer yourself

As a self-driver, you can easily rent all promotional trailers and move them with the right towing vehicle. We would be happy to discuss with you whether your towing vehicle is suitable and which requirements must be met for driving the promotional trailer with your own vehicle.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information about the various ways of using and the individual adjustment options for the Eggstreamer and all other models.

Please refer to the factsheet for the floor plan and the exact dimensions for the EggStreamer.

Download: Factsheet EggStreamer