Think big, go small

Marketing and COVID-19

Rethink and overcome the crisis

Trade fairs and mass events as we know them will not be possible for the time being. Nevertheless, personal contact, especially due to the effects of the far-reaching quarantine measures, has a new, indispensable role and is more valuable than ever. Therefore, we rely on targeted advertising measures, such as live-marketing, that go directly to your customers doorstep. We would like to offer you the opportunity to advertise your brand with a roadshow and achieve your sales target. Events are currently possible, but should be small, targeted and mobile. Your promotion can no longer take place on a large scale. Instead, from now on the motto is: Think big, go small.

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Don't let the word 'small' put you off. In the near future, promotions and events will be carried out in a manageable capacity, but they are by no means insignificant or superfluous. Quite the opposite: a roadshow generates attention and arouses interest, no matter how big. In this case, a small event does not mean a small roadshow. Awaken the interest of your customers by using special vehicles such as the InfoWheels or an e-Promoter to get them talking about your brand. Generate attention and make your brand tangible for your target group. With several advertising vehicles, many locations can be approached simultaneously. Don't forget: We can continue to think big in order to make huge plans.

We would be happy to help you with a compact, well thought-out, and mobile promotion solution, because, from now on, it is important to turn to the compact scale for big profits.

Some brands, such as Huawei and Hikvision, have already recognised the importance of downsizing in order to reach sales targets through mobile advertising. Roadshows have helped these global companies to expand their influence within the European market. Part of Huawei’s expansion strategy was to use roadshows to go directly to their customers to show them the latest technologies in the simplest way possible: live.

You can do exactly the same with your products. Mobile and goal-oriented messages alone are no longer enough; personal interaction with the customer should also be the first priority in your strategy. This is particularly important in the case of significant cultural differences, since communication can be difficult if only digital communication is used.

Hikvision is another company that has used road shows as a pillar in their marketing solution for entering the European market. Previously, Hikvision travelled through Europe with three identical show trucks. Now they have added a fleet of 10 additional showrooms to their successful big show truck to increase mobility and targeting in times like these.

The InfoWheels is the perfect choice for a promotion, as it is the largest mobile advertising unit for a Class B driver's license in our fleet.

CEO Roadshow Group, Martijn van Riet

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We come to you

Inspire customers on site with a Live Experience

The global spread of the coronavirus presents many companies with special challenges. This makes it all the more important to develop new strategies and solutions that bring products and services closer to your customers. One of the oldest and most effective strategies is "face to face" marketing. The traditional trade fair was previously considered the ideal place for implementing this strategy and offered various opportunities:

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  • Advertise products and services directly to the customer
  • Direct exchange between companies and customers
  • Reach potential interested prospects
  • Live experience and product demonstrations

Until the coronavirus pandemic, these marketing tools could be used without restriction. The current situation makes it impossible to hold trade fairs and events of this size. Companies have to adapt and act efficiently in order to continue to convince their customers and offer them new opportunities. We offer you an alternative solution: The mobile roadshow.

Present your brand on-site. Inspire your customers and prospects and use the greatest possible solution: a campaign tailored to the situation. A mobile, individualised and small roadshow is the unique opportunity for 2020 to personally convince customers of your brand. Think big, go small!

Promotion vehicles in comparison

Discover three models from our fleet that are ideal for your compact and manageable event.
We are always happy to answer your questions and provide you with non-binding information about your vehicle at any time. Of course, each vehicle can be adapted to individual wishes and ideas. Showrooms not listed here are also ideal for mobile promotion.




  • 100% self-sufficient

  • Weight class: < 3,5 t

  • Driving license: Class B (car)

  • Set-up time: 5 min

  • Presentation area: 10sqm 

  • Can be used quickly & flexibly einsetzbar

  • State-of-the-art LED lighting technology 

  • 6 solar panels & backup batteries

  • 230/16 amp. CEE external power connection

  • Several equipment variants

  • Project-specific expansion possible

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  • 100% budget friendly

  • Weight class: < <3,5 t

  • Driving license: BE (trailer)

  • Set-up time: 5 min

  • Presentation area: 6-10 sqm

  • Can be used quickly & flexibly

  • State-of-the-art LED lighting technology

  • Small budget

  • 230/16 amp. CEE external power connection

  • With or without a stage

  • Project-specific expansion possible

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  • 0% emission & 100% electric

  • Weight class: < 3,5 t

  • Driving license: Class B (car)

  • Set-up time: 2 min

  • Presentation area: 4 sqm

  • Can be used quickly & flexibly

  • State-of-the-art LED lighting technology

  • Up to 160 km range

  • 80 km / h maximum speed

  • Integrated rear view camera

  • Project-specific expansion possible

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Always one step ahead

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Our customers and colleagues are consistently enthusiastic about the product presentation with the Hettich InfoWheels on site.
Despite many canceled trade fairs, we have direct customer contact again, thanks to a corresponding hygiene concept
is also possible in these special times.


Target Group Marketing Hettich, Kathrin Schneider

Mobility is the key

Roadshows offer a unique opportunity to address your customers at will and to guarantee their full undivided attention. To be successful, your strategy must now be focused on a small, targeted audience. Small mobile showrooms are the solution for an effective sales and marketing strategy. Of course, everything takes place in compliance with COVID-19 security regulations!



5 reasons to spring for a roadshow strategy

There are 5 reasons why you should choose a new strategy of compact roadshow promotion in the current crisis: think big, go small.


Reason 1 - Create the extraordinary

A roadshow is the ideal way to present your brand as new and innovative. It is the opportunity to combine your unconventional thinking with a creative opportunity to come out of these difficult times stronger than ever. Now is the time to stand out from the crowd.

Reason 2 - Personal interaction

The abandonment of social contacts has triggered a trend towards digital media. However, online marketing and virtual tours lack the personal touch that only face-to-face contact offers. With a small event you can carry out these personal interactions in a controlled manner. With live events, to showcase your performance, physical contact can be minimised and contained without compromising personal interaction. Additional bonus: You reduce the need for business trips because you can go directly to your customers.

Reason 3 - Targeted and mobile

Trade fairs are known for their numerous networking opportunities and masses of interested parties. However, it is better to be more targeted and go directly to the consumers and target groups. With this "concession" you can achieve a positive standing with your target audience. Your customer will certainly appreciate the special attention from the on-site visit.

Reason 4 - Broad range

Mobile events create reach. Reach a high number of potential customers and convince them with targeted advertising. The flexibility offered by mobile promotion enables customer contact at different locations.

Reason 5 - Undivided attention from your customer

At trade fairs and exhibitions, you meet a large number of interested parties and it is difficult to give everyone the same undivided attention. With suitable roadshows you can reach your target group effectively and pass on your key message.