Motorsport und Roadshow

Motorsport und Roadshow Bugatti


A review of the excellent brand experience created for Bugatti together with VOK DAMS Hamburg.
This exclusive roadshow took us to exciting places - we enjoyed the sun combined with the exhilarating speed in beautiful Saint-Tropez.
We did our laps on the track of the famous Hockenheimring in Germany.
We also celebrated motorsport and car culture at this year's #Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022, with around 210,000 motorsport fans at the site in southern England 
The aim of this roadshow was to present official world record cars and offer the audience a unique product experience in spectacular BUGATTI style! All these live events were a great success with an incomparable adrenaline kick! 
Do you also have a product presentation where a showroom can perfectly set your product in zene?


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