Rainbow-Promotion Roadshow Concept

When designing our promotion projects, we attach particular importance to comprehensive advice and also offer precise CAD planning, including in 3D, so that everyone can really visualise the finished roadshow concept. The virtual planning provides a detailed picture of the planned conversion and enables optimum preparation. When developing and realising the interior concept, our focus is always on roadshow-compatible solutions that meet your company's requirements. As early as the planning phase, we think about short set-up and dismantling times for later use as well as the flexibility and durability of our vehicles.

Professional set-up and dismantling: your event in good hands

The set-up and dismantling of a roadshow promotion module are crucial steps in ensuring a smooth and effective event. As early as the planning phase, we think about short set-up and dismantling times for later use as well as the flexibility and durability of our vehicles. During set-up, every step is precisely planned, from unfolding the modules to setting up the technical equipment.

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Careful dismantling and safe transport conditions are important during dismantling so that the module can be transported without damage. A well-coordinated team, clear processes and the right logistics are essential to organise both assembly and dismantling effectively and ensure that your roadshow can move smoothly from location to location.

Efficient & optimised design:
The planning and realisation of our roadshow vehicles

The components used should be stable and suitable for use "on the road", possibly for several months, but at the same time not too heavy to make work easier.

Wherever possible, the furniture used should be stackable so that it can be stowed away practically and safely for transport.

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Everything from a single source

Of course, it is not technically necessary to have us realise all of these considerations completely - but it may save you a lot of time and money - let's talk about it.

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Rely on our roadshow management - for an efficient, successful and worry-free tour"

Vehicle design

We offer the highest quality vehicle design for your promotional campaign. Our team brings creative expertise and passion to every design to ensure that your vehicle not only stands out, but also represents your brand perfectly.

Give your promotion an unmistakable character with our first-class vehicle design.

Design your roadshow concept now

Roadshow Management

Roadshow management excellence: We take over the complete planning of your roadshow, carry out precise location checks and provide comprehensive information material. Our focus is on the smooth realisation of the tour, with transparency at the forefront.

With our specially developed online tool, you have access to the roadshow data at all times, a tool that is also used daily by our roadshow truck managers. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about your roadshow and support you throughout the entire process.

Endless possibilities

Whether a small or large promotional vehicle, a roadshow marketing concept always has a big impact. Discover endless possibilities with our promotional vehicles! Whether small or large, a roadshow marketing concept always has an enormous impact. Immerse yourself in the variety of our vehicle options and be inspired by the countless design possibilities to present your message in an impressive way. With our support, your roadshow will be an unforgettable experience.

Roadshow conception

Our visual conceptualisation is always first and foremost in line with the requirements of your business objectives, carefully aligning goals and content.

We understand the importance of first-class brand communication and focus on designing every detail to perfectly reflect your brand identity.

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The process begins with a brainstorming session that ranges from creative brainstorming to ultimate ideation. Each phase is characterised by diversity and uniqueness, because we firmly believe that every moment of a roadshow promotion tour offers a new opportunity for innovative approaches in your company.
From the initial idea, we guide your brand through the entire process to the completion of the promotional vehicle and beyond. Our approach ensures not only a visual concept of the highest quality, but also a seamless integration into your overall strategy and objectives.

The idea: individuality with extraordinary solutions for your brand innovation in the field of mobile promotion.

Individual solutions for every customer

Every customer receives a customised complete solution that is precisely tailored to their needs. This special mobility to present products and services in a special environment is being recognised and used by more and more companies. Direct contact and picking up the target group on site are part of the powerful marketing instrument of "mobile promotion".

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With comprehensive planning and realisation, as well as the use of the latest technology and equipment to meet requirements, we have been facilitating successful promotional campaigns with vehicles of all kinds for many years. Individuality plays an important role in our success. Precisely customised concepts are the be-all and end-all for a target-oriented marketing campaign.

Addressing target groups - with promotional campaigns of any size

Addressing customers directly without major wastage is the goal and just one of many successful facets of mobile promotion. Let us advise you and benefit from our many years of experience. We create concepts that are precisely tailored to your project and realise your mobile promotion, from small trade fair appearances to gigantic roadshows. We look forward to hearing from you.

Experienced roadshow personnel - you can't do without them

Before you have bad experiences with poorly trained staff, overworked employees and constant time constraints - rely on experienced, excellently trained staff for your campaign.

You should also clarify whether it is necessary for a tour to be accompanied by a promotion team or other individuals, e.g. by the customer directly. Depending on the scope of the customised interior design/equipment, helpers (e.g. promotion team) may be required on site during set-up.

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